5 Things to do in Niagara

If you live in Ontario or close to the area, the idea of spending vacation at the Falls isn’t always a top choice, but as a recent Google Canada travel report shows, Niagara Falls is the trendiest city for Canadians related to search — this could have something to do with our dollar or the fact the city tends to be a popular spot for honeymoons.

When travelling to Niagara Falls, it is often difficult to select between the many attractions and activities that are made available to enjoy. With that being said, this post will help you narrow your trip down to the best 5 destinations to make your visit to Niagara Falls a memorable and exciting one. The first place to visit would be the Niagara Falls Funzone, with 7 different attractions and a 20,000 foot mid-way arcade, this entertainment center will keep you busy for a good portion of the day. Following a day of fun, the perfect way to start your evening would be a dinner at the famous Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, located in the lower level of the Four Points Hotel. On this level, you also have the option of a taste of fine Italian Cuisine, as East Side Mario’s is located right next door to the steak house.

After dinner is done, be sure to check out Yuk Yuk’s comedy club, located directly under the restaurant. The many comedians will have you howling with laughter as you sit close to the stage and enjoy small foods and beverages. Additionally, if the Funzone isn’t enough entertainment for the day, Captain Jack’s arcade will surely fill up the rest of your itinerary.


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